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Filmmakers easily connect with peers, build teams, and realize their cinematic visions. Our fair profit-sharing model guarantees every contributor receives deserved compensation. Ready to advance your filmmaking journey and shape a new era of creative empowerment? Join the SHARE community now for exclusive updates and the opportunity to revolutionize the industry together!

“SHARE is a game changer! It’s exactly the platform I need to bring my indie film dreams to life without the barriers I faced before in the industry.”

Asher Blau

Asher Blau (Indie Filmmaker)


Simplify your post-production process, network with local creatives, supercharge your film with AI and take advantage of collective monetization and equitable revenue sharing.

Find Your Team

SHARE is committed to facilitating connections between filmmakers and other creatives around the globe who share the ambition to pursue a career in the film industry. 

Our platform empowers individuals to join forces, harness their collective talents, and produce captivating cinematic content for global audiences. With a mission to assist aspiring filmmakers worldwide, SHARE aims to streamline the process of finding crews, initiating projects, and ultimately generating revenue through the creation of exceptional cinematic experiences.

<span>Find Your Team</span>

Benefit from Shared Monetization

We believe filmmakers deserve consistent earnings as they grow their careers, not solely relying on a "big break".

SHARE offers fair revenue models and shared monetization opportunities, ensuring indie filmmakers receive equitable compensation for their creative works, be it short films, music videos, features, or documentaries.

Connect with Global Talent

With SHARE, filmmakers can simply enter their zip code to discover and collaborate with local talent, eliminating the need to reside in major cities to pursue their passion.

<span>Connect with Global Talent</span>

Share your Film with the World

Explore global distribution and marketing opportunities with AI while connecting with diverse audiences worldwide.

Ready for worldwide exposure?

<span>Share your Film with the World</span>

Create with AI

Utilizing SHARE's AI-Powered Tools, you can elevate your filmmaking journey and craft compelling narratives.

Boost your Productivity

Utilizing SHARE's AI-Powered Tools, our platform provides AI-assisted editing, sound design, and product placement services, enabling filmmakers to enhance their project's quality while managing costs effectively.

<span>Boost your Productivity</span>

"As an indie filmmaker, I'm thrilled to be part of SHARE, where I can connect with others and earn money doing what I love."

Caroline Gonzalez
(Indie Filmmaker)
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